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Having outstanding architectural merit with the highest standards of workmanship, Better View Balconies & Balustrades were contracted to provide some of the unique truly jaw-dropping elements.


Only recently completed, this property has many state of the art features and these were completed using glass and steel fixtures supplied and fitted by Better View Balconies.

Our expertise in creating Glass BalconiesJuliet Balconies and in this case  Steel Balustrades for outdoor patio was called upon


First step to all of our projects is a site survey and discussion with the customers.  It is most important step to be able to provide best quality product and complete project to the highest standards as par customer expectations.

This particular project has been completed in London on the roof top using supplies below:

17.04 linear metres
18 panels of 10mm Toughened Glass
68 Adjustable 316 Stainless Steel post clamps to fix glass to the posts
9 90-degree saddles