Frameless Glass Balustrades

The Frameless Glass Balustrade is the top choice for fantastic views

Features & Specification:

  • BetterView’s Frameless Glass Balustrades are bespoke and manufactured to suit a variety of structures
  • The Glass sits in a ridged aluminum channel. The aluminium channel allows for a greater resistance to weather extremities than we experience here in the UK
  • Our Frameless Glass Balustrades offer an undisturbed view out from your property
  • A UK Building Regulation compliant safety barrier
  • Protection against the wind
  • The materials we use are weather resistant
  • Require minimum maintenance
  • Our Frameless Glass Balcony Balustrades are tasteful and modern to improve the look of your home’s exterior
  • An ideal way to give your home a unique uplift – our Balustrades are custom made for each order
  • We offer a combination of fixing solutions
  • You can add a handrail for added comfort
  • If you already have a Balcony or Balustrade, you can just replace the existing Balustrade with our Frameless Glass Balustrades and keep the existing frame

What Is The Standard Process For Working With Betterview?

Our 6 part process enables us to effectively work with you to build the perfect solution for your requirements.


Project Understanding

A deep understanding of your project and what your vision is

Site Visits & Surveys

We'll visit the site to understand the project in more detail & foresee challenges.

Pricing & Commissioning

If stages 1 and 2 have been completed, we can quote on your project and start work

Design & Drawings

We'll begin working on designs and drawings for the project if required.


We'll build and professional fabrication any bespoke pieces required.

Installation & Snagging

We'll install your new project and make any adjustments as required.

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